Welcome to Maria !

A bit of history…

Maria has a rich and original history as a host for Micmacs, and later for Acadians, Irish, Scottish and English... Around 1795, Governor Guy Carleton named this territory in honour of his wife, Lady Maria Howard-Effingham.

In 1889, construction of the railway ends in Maria because the company can no longer pay its employees. In order to meet its contract requirements, the company built a section of rail line ( bout de ligne ) to the shore: the locomotive had to travel by sea in order to arrive on time in New Carlisle! This is the funny story of our collective nickname.

In 1907, Maria spanned from the area occupied now by the Carleton Golf course. St. Jules had just separated from Maria. There were 2 500 residents, the same as our population today. The village was, for a long time, divided into two separate sections: the east, which relied mostly on agriculture and the west where there were fishermen, merchants and coopers.

A prosperous municipality…

With the headquarters of the Centre de santé et des services sociaux de la Baie-des-chaleurs ( health and social services centre ), including a hospital and a senior citizens’ home, Maria is the home of Gaspé’s most important centre for healthcare services. This generates hundreds of jobs that are at the heart of Maria’s economy. The economic spin-off from these jobs is considerable.

As well, over a hundred businesses operate in Maria. The community has in its midst many local and regional institutions that provide Maria with a base of permanent and specialized jobs. It is important to note that cooperatives are an integral part of local values.

Through its healthy and lively community life, by the friendly welcome offered by its residents and because of its facilities and services, Maria remains a choice community for visitors and future residents alike.




Hôtel de ville
545, boulevard Perron
Maria (Québec)  G0C 1Y0
Téléphone : 418 759-3883
Courriel : info@mariaquebec.com 



Courriel : info@mariaquebec.com